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Checkin’ In – Year ONE in Review: Portia

A little over a year ago, I prayed and asked God to enlarge my territory.  Shortly after I became an official member of Mic Check 1-Two!   My adventure with Mic Check 1-Two has been just that, an adventure.

Lana and I first connected spirits when she interviewed my father for a documentary.   Coming into contact with young black women with similar visions is like finding a diamond in a rough.  We shared the vision of unlocking the truths about our community, and educating our community on those truths. We each had the innate desire to encourage, support, and help our communities to use their voice as an agent for change.  Needless to say, we connected instantaneously.

Through Lana, I was introduced to Latiaynna, and the same thing happened!  Our spirits linked and a beautiful friendship was born.


Portia Fullard (left), Latiaynna Tabb (right), Representing Mic Check 1-Two! at Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s Fundraiser

When they decided to put on the panel discussion on The Portrayal of the African American Woman in the Entertainment Industry, I was thrilled to support!  I mean how could I not support my friends in their endeavors to hold a discussion on something I too am extremely passionate about?



Checkin’ In – Year ONE in Review: Latiaynna

A couple of weeks ago I wrote down everything I have done (outside of paid employment and graduate school) in the last year – between December 2011 and November 2012 and I must say: I have been busy.  (The record just came to an abrupt halt. I had to stop myself right here. As soon as I wrote busy, I reminded myself that I may have fallen victim to The Busy Trap .) Let me rephrase this:

Mic Check 1-Two! has been doing good work. We have been productive.

Myself with two beautiful women that I am grateful to call my friends – one was a tough sell, but she’ll tell you about that in a couple weeks haha – have been organizing and planning meaningful events, creating dialogue, and opportunities for people to become vessels of change for practically one year. Our “first quarter” was a beautiful struggle: 3 Panel Discussions, 2 Prom Dress Drives, and 1 Workshop, all in four months!

Mic Check 1-Two’s primary goals are to (more…)

Prom Dress Drive Video Highlights

On MARCH 10, 2012, Mic Check 1-Two! held a Prom Dress Drive for young girls in their senior year of high school who weren’t financially able to buy a prom dress. We wanted to make sure these ladies knew that they were queens and deserved to be treated accordingly!

Check out the highlight video below from our Prom Dress Drive and view the information about our next drive below the cut.

OUR NEXT Prom Dress Drive is SATURDAY APRIL 21, 2012 (12-3pm) at The Dreaming Building, 618 N. Front St., Philadelphia, PA 19123


PLEASE INCLUDE: HER NAME, SCHOOL, DRESS SIZE AND CONTACT INFORMATION (please specify the best way to reach her in this email)


On Saturday. March 10, 2012, Mic Check 1-Two! held a prom dress drive for young women in their senior year of high school who were not financially able to afford a prom dress. We wanted to make sure these young, deserving women would be able to participate in one of the most exciting days of their youth and had a chance to feel like the royalty they are.

We have so many dresses left that we decided to help even more girls by holding another drive on APRIL 21, 2012 FROM 12PM-3PM AT “THE DREAMING BUILDING”, 618 N. FRONT ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19123. If you know a young girl in need of a prom dress, please send an email to with her name, school and her contact information. If you have dresses, shoes, or accessories that you would like to donate, send us an email and we’ll arrange a pick-up! Thank You!

Click here to view photos from The Prom Dress Drive!




We have also selected another deserving, young queen as our winner for our ROYAL PROM TREATMENT contest. This young woman will have her prom dress custom-made, AND her hair, and make-up done for her prom. Stay tuned for the documentary featuring our winner, Michelle Harris from Frankford high school. She is a beautiful young lady with a touching story and a wonderful spirit.


Do you know a girl who deserves to be pampered like a princess on her senior prom?

Mic Check 1-Two! is looking for one lucky girl who will have a custom-made prom dress designed especially for her. We will have her make-up and hair done for her prom and the entire journey will be filmed. 

Want to nominate a special young lady? Review the qualifications below!

Send a short letter to with your nomination, stating why you feel your nominee is the right girl to receive the custom-made dress and royal treatment.

  • Candidate must be in her senior year of high school with a strong academic/attendance record (Please submit copy of a recent report card or progress report)
  • Nomination letter must include a little information about the young woman (her interests, her struggle (if any) and  any obstacles she faces or has had to overcome)
  • Her senior prom must take place between April and June of 2012.
  • Please send all nomination letters to by February 24, 2012.
  • Please indicate the date of the senior prom for your nominee in the letter 

**The Prom Dress Drive is open to nominees ONLY ! **

– Each young lady that is nominated will automatically be eligible to participate in the Prom Dress Drive in early March, 2012 but only one girl will receive the royal prom treatment, complete with a handmade, specially designed dress and hair & make-up for her special day.