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Misled: NEW EPISODE: Jail Cells> Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Man in America

We are SUPER excited to bring this all-new episode of Misled. Jail Cells> Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Male in America.

Click on the video below to watch an all new episode of, Misled: Jail Cells > Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Man in America
This mini-doc examines the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families. We wanted to talk about the effect of incarceration from various perspectives in order to show the impact it has on an entire family, and culture. We examine the effects of poor education, stress-management and other factors that further perpetuate the cycle of mass incarceration among black males. In a heartbreaking interview, a child shares how much he misses his father who is currently incarcerated. You don’t want to miss this show! Please watch, share, and join in the conversation via comments on our website and YouTube Page and Social Media outlets.

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Misled Episode 3 Premieres Feb 13

Misled: Episode 3 premieres THIS THURSDAY – FEBRUARY 13! This episode will examine the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families.

Misled: Behind The Scenes: Episode 3
Take a look at some behind the scenes footage of Misled: Episode 3 currently in production. In this episode we will examine the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families.



Check out “Misled”, Episode 2 on Mental Health.

On this episode of Misled, Stephanie Harris shares her  story of living with Bipolar Disorder. We also talk to Radio Host and Celebrity Coach Dyana Williams who tells us about her personal journey dealing with family members who suffer from the disease. And later, we sit down with  mental health experts, Barry Adams and Debbie Mikola who explain the clinical aspect of mental health. Watch Now!!!!


We’re back! We know it’s been a long time coming, but “Misled” is back with a new episode! Episode 2 of Misled focuses on Mental Health in the African American community. We wanted to shed light on the issue of mental health by discussing the stigma that is associated with many mental health disorders. We hope to educate people about mental health disorders in an effort to negate the negative perception associated with them to reach a broader level of understanding and compassion.

Check out a sneak peek of the episode below!


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Hosts of "Misled", Keona Gabbadon and Lana Adams

Hosts of “Misled”, Keona Gabbadon and Lana Adams

Misled Exclusive Commentary on “Dark Girls” Film


Check out our commentary on the film “Dark Girls”. The documentary premiered on Oprah’s OWN Network and focuses on colorism in the African American community. The films producers D. Channsin Berry (Urban Winter Entertainment) and Bill Duke (Duke Media) went into the community to talk to people about the effects of colorism and the stigma placed on darker complected women. Many people have had their opinions of the doc. Watch the video below to see what we thought! Feel free to comment or send your thoughts to !