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PHOTOS: Mic Check 1-Two!’s Prom Drive Tour 2014

Take a look at photos from Mic Check 1-Two!’s 3rd annual Prom Drive Tour. This year we visited Overbrook High School, Randolph High School and Delaware County Technical High School. These lovely young women and a few young men selected from gently-worn dresses for their special day. Much thanks to everyone who donated and volunteered to help these young queens! Click on the photos below to view the slideshow!

IMG_3262photo 1photo 2

Student Takeover Event

Today we had the opportunity to host a workshop about “Misled” at “The Student Takeover” event at Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology. The event was organized by Influencing Action Movement and offered cash giveaways and mock interviews for parents and teens.

We played a trivia game to test participants knowledge about commonly believed theories about African Americans. The four lucky winners walked away with gift cards to Chic-Fil-A and ITunes thanks to IAM!

We also shared some footage from past episodes of “Misled

Check out a few photos below!




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Mic Check 1-Two!’s 3rd Annual Prom Drive

It’s that time again! See below for prom drive locations and details on upcoming prom drives! To donate dresses/suits or monetary contributions, please send an email to: with “Prom Drive 2014” in the subject line.

Drop- off location #1

Overbrook High School

5998 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA
CONTACT: Dorthea Thomas

We are still in need of drop off locations for gowns and suits. If you know of anyone who would like to offer their business as a location and/or if you would like to help pick up dresses from individual donors please let us know!




Please Support Misled


We could really use your support in helping with the rising production costs of #misled ! Nothing is too small! Please visit : to donate! Please help us in our mission to educate and inform! And if you haven’t already, take a look at our newest episode below.

Misled: NEW EPISODE: Jail Cells> Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Man in America

We are SUPER excited to bring this all-new episode of Misled. Jail Cells> Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Male in America.

Click on the video below to watch an all new episode of, Misled: Jail Cells > Dorm Rooms: The Fate of the Black Man in America
This mini-doc examines the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families. We wanted to talk about the effect of incarceration from various perspectives in order to show the impact it has on an entire family, and culture. We examine the effects of poor education, stress-management and other factors that further perpetuate the cycle of mass incarceration among black males. In a heartbreaking interview, a child shares how much he misses his father who is currently incarcerated. You don’t want to miss this show! Please watch, share, and join in the conversation via comments on our website and YouTube Page and Social Media outlets.

Twitter: @Mic_Check_

Instagram: @Misled_
We would like to encourage you to subscribe to Mic Check 1-Two!’s YouTube page as well: Mic Check 1-Two!





Misled Episode 3 Premieres Feb 13

Misled: Episode 3 premieres THIS THURSDAY – FEBRUARY 13! This episode will examine the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families.

Misled: Behind The Scenes: Episode 3
Take a look at some behind the scenes footage of Misled: Episode 3 currently in production. In this episode we will examine the effects of mass incarceration among black males and their families.