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IT’S FINALLY HERE: MISLED EPISODE 1! This two-part episode focuses on colorism in the African American community. Watch! Enjoy! Discuss! Tweet us your comments @Mic_Check_ or email us at! You can also feel free to leave a comment under the video! Thanks for watching! Episode 1 of Misled features interviews with Dr. Yaba Blay (CNN’s Black In America/ Founder: One Drop Project); West Philadelphia Rapper, Chill Moody; Temple University professor of Africana Studies, Dr. Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers; and, a panel of youth who share their own personal experiences on colorism.


MISLED: EPISODE 1: PART 2 WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE MISLED INTRO VIDEO HERE: Misled’s intro was recorded by Vanessa Ingram and Staxx and produced by Darrell Chapman


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  1. Our organization would love to do a piece with you about the rising number of youth related crisis and emergencies being experienced in our schools, homes and neighborhoods. Agreed, mainstream media identifies that there is a lack of consistency with regards to youth promotions or incentives in many schools and households. Neverthless, hurt is overexposed and at its peak in our homes, on-line as well as in our neighborhoods. Help us to promote innovative and youth lead support groups that enpower self-esteem building and enables our youth to seek healthy relationships via civic engagement opportunities and to date training that will assist them with goal setting, goal achievement and self dependency. We look forward to hearing from you. Please email at your earliest convenience.

    Much Obliged,
    Latarah Conover
    CEO Love,

    May 18, 2013 at 7:32 pm

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