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Checkin’ In – Year ONE in Review: Portia

A little over a year ago, I prayed and asked God to enlarge my territory.  Shortly after I became an official member of Mic Check 1-Two!   My adventure with Mic Check 1-Two has been just that, an adventure.

Lana and I first connected spirits when she interviewed my father for a documentary.   Coming into contact with young black women with similar visions is like finding a diamond in a rough.  We shared the vision of unlocking the truths about our community, and educating our community on those truths. We each had the innate desire to encourage, support, and help our communities to use their voice as an agent for change.  Needless to say, we connected instantaneously.

Through Lana, I was introduced to Latiaynna, and the same thing happened!  Our spirits linked and a beautiful friendship was born.


Portia Fullard (left), Latiaynna Tabb (right), Representing Mic Check 1-Two! at Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s Fundraiser

When they decided to put on the panel discussion on The Portrayal of the African American Woman in the Entertainment Industry, I was thrilled to support!  I mean how could I not support my friends in their endeavors to hold a discussion on something I too am extremely passionate about?

Next came the Prom Dress Drive! This was the event that I genuinely admired and could see that Mic Check was on a mission.  It was no longer just about talking, but it was about truly getting into action.  Mic Check helped provide young women with the opportunity to wear a dress of their choice, FREE of cost to their prom.  We often forget that high school proms are a monumental moment in a young lady’s life – even years after.  With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, too many of our young women don’t always get to live that experience.  The Prom Dress Drive was truly an event FOR the people; we were able to meet the desires of young women’s hearts.

At this point, Lana and Latiaynna began to try and draft me to be an official part of the organization.  I DECLINED (several times over).  After all I was in graduate school and I just felt more comfortable being the unofficial support.   In hindsight, I was afraid because I knew Mic Check’s potential and I was not quite ready to hop on this mission!

When the Trayvon Martin Panel came along I was totally on fire for this event.  It was current, it was relevant, and it touched on so many issues that are ever-present in our communities!  When Lana asked me to help her out, I was totally on board.  I mean this was right up my alley! It was a radical and controversial topic…that NEEDED to be discussed. The information, education, and support received from this panel discussion was truly mind-blowing.   Lana will say I had a lot to do with this event; we still have to agree to disagree, HA! I just wanted to see it happen, and I pulled in my resources just like everyone else.

So I guess you want to know when did I make the decision to become an official team member.  I was finally inducted around April 2012, LOL!

In all honesty Lana and La have helped me uncover my talents and skills that enable me to do the great things that I want to see happen in my community.  They have inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, and challenged my will to truly step on the front-line of change.  As I said in the beginning, I prayed for God to enlarge my territory, and I have no doubt that is where Mic Check comes into play.


This past year is only a preface, or an inkling of the great things we have to come.  So please continue to support, and encourage.  At times the road gets rough and weary, but we keep on trucking!

Stay tuned…..There is MUCH MORE to come.

Thank You!: Saint Joseph’s University, Dawn Chavous, Barbara Chavous, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, Anthony Fullard and Millennium 3 Management, Kendall Hayes, Senator Anthony H. Williams, Kevin Harden Jr., Youth Action Team, Donald Cave, Saadiq Stewart, and all of our volunteers and guests!

This is Portia Fullard, Checking OUT!



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