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Checkin’ In – Year ONE in Review: Latiaynna

A couple of weeks ago I wrote down everything I have done (outside of paid employment and graduate school) in the last year – between December 2011 and November 2012 and I must say: I have been busy.  (The record just came to an abrupt halt. I had to stop myself right here. As soon as I wrote busy, I reminded myself that I may have fallen victim to The Busy Trap .) Let me rephrase this:

Mic Check 1-Two! has been doing good work. We have been productive.

Myself with two beautiful women that I am grateful to call my friends – one was a tough sell, but she’ll tell you about that in a couple weeks haha – have been organizing and planning meaningful events, creating dialogue, and opportunities for people to become vessels of change for practically one year. Our “first quarter” was a beautiful struggle: 3 Panel Discussions, 2 Prom Dress Drives, and 1 Workshop, all in four months!

Mic Check 1-Two’s primary goals are to (more…)

New Donation Dropbox Locations Added

Thank you! We asked people to suggest additional Donation Dropbox locations and they did! We doubled the locations that we began with, talk about impact.

Here are the final Donation Dropbox locations by neighborhood/section of the city:

West Philadelphia | Wynnefield
Boys Latin School – 5501 Cedar ave.
John C. Anderson Cultural Center – 5301 Overbrook ave.
Perfect Smile Dental – 37 s. 52nd st.
Settlement Music School – 4910 Wynnefield ave.
Katie Jackson Homes (PHA) – 400 n. 50th st.

The Hair Business unisex salon – 1803 N. 54th street (54th & Montgomery) – West Philadelphia

Southwest Philadelphia
Paschalville Library – 70th & Woodland ave.

Center City | Rittenhouse
Greenfield Elementary School – 22nd & Chestnut

North Philadelphia
Youthbuild Philly 1231 n. Broad st. (O.I.C. Building) 3rd Floor

Logan | Olney
Providence of Grace Church – 1950 w. Rockland st.
Perfect Smile Dental – 5737 n. Broad st.
The Laundry Cafe – One Olney Plaza, Front & Olney


Some Pennsylvania polling places have changed since the last election. Check to see if yours was one of them: