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Mic Check 1-Two! in the Philadelphia Tribune Discussing Latest Project


“During Election Day on Nov. 6, voters will be able to donate canned goods and gently used clothes at several polling sites in West and Southwest Philadelphia locations, thanks to the group Mic Check 1-Two.

Latiaynna Tabb joined Lana Adams to form Mic Check 1-Two last year. They have held benefit concerts with other local groups in an effort to create places where those in less fortunate circumstances could receive free meals and clothing. Last year an estimated 400 people were fed during one of their events.

“Of course we decided to do it again, and this year we wanted to engage more community members as citizens,” Tabb said. “This is a huge election year and we thought that engaging those who are already committed to national change would be the best way to get them to work toward local change.”

Putting donation drop boxes at local polling stations was conceived as a way to accomplish this initiative, according Tabb.

By Nathaniel Lee



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  1. goodluck for election day dudee

    September 10, 2017 at 4:44 am

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