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Ignite 2012: The Ballot or the Bullet [PHILLY]

Ignite 2012: The Ballot or the Bullet [PHILLY]

The national #Ignite2012 civic engagement tour will be in Philadelphia on October 6th– a city that is reported to have a staggering 43 percent of registered voters without valid identification under Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law. On Tuesday, the breaking news of the strict law being postponed rocked the nation and gave many of youth activists a sense of victory.

With only one month left until Election Day, the #Ignite2012 tour aims to educate young people of color in Philadelphia about voter suppression and empowerment. In partnership with Philadelphia Youth Commission, the forum will also be used to discuss local gun violence and promote conflict resolution. Local leaders and the nation’s most dynamic celebrities, bloggers, and activists are teaming up to bring back the brotherly love to Philadelphia by hosting grassroots trainings, hip-hop cultural panels, and live musical performances by Dee-1 and Jasiri X.


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